Tonight I saw something that almost made me throw up in my mouth. It was a photo of Hillary Clinton happily posing with Nadya and Masha of PussyRiot fame with the caption:

“Great to meet the strong & brave young women from ‪#‎PussyRiot‬, who refuse to let their voices be silenced in ‪#‎Russia‬.”.


Where do I even start? I guess I will begin with Pussyriot. What on earth are they thinking? While rubbing elbows did they mention Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Edward Snowden, John Kiriakou, Weev, Barrett Brown, or ANY of OUR political prisoners, or did they just share some anti Putin jokes, snap a few pics, and call it an evening? The US rallied hard for them, where is their solidarity back? To say I am disappointed would be the understatement of the year.  They had an opportunity to confront her, and it doesn’t look like they took it. Sad.

As for HILLARY… I am beyond disgusted. I am actually not even sure why I am disgusted as I have grown to expect hypocrisy from our vile government, but to use people I admire as a prop (likely to help along their goal of reinstating the Cold War mentality) well… gross.

Is this because the US is supposed to hate Russia now (as seen in the mainstream media coverage of the drama at RT) since Putin keeps making Obama    look    like     a    bitch?

Is she pretending to support free speech and protest posing with Russian dissidents as a jab at Putin for embracing Snowden?  Does she think we have forgotten him or Chelsea Manning- who she happily stood by and saw imprisoned for her strong and brave act of refusing to let her voice be silenced in the #UnitedStates?

Does she think we don’t see the hyper militarized police forces that would not have hesitated to tear gas and fire “less lethals” at PussyRiot had they been protesting here (like what just happened last week in Albuquerque)? Would she be calling them “brave” then?

How about Jak, who while she was posing with the brave PussyRiot, sat in a prison cell with a bunch of US war veterans for protesting? Does she want to take some photos with him and tweet about how brave and strong he is?



Whatever her goal, the tweets responding to hers show it sadly worked. She loves free speech and protest isn’t a crime, Yay ‘Murica.

Hey- did I mention we got threatened by more-cops-than-protesters for using sidewalk chalk during a protest a couple weeks ago? (that didnt stop us from going back a few hours later, look at us, committing terrible crime… would HilDawg have came to our rescue?)


All I’m trying to say is… Hillary please.

I’m going to an event PussyRiot will be speaking at on Monday. I really want to know their thoughts on Hillary. I hope to god they don’t have nice things to say, although, that will certainly help end my crush.

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