When a Lying Cop Finds Out Hes Being Filmed

In a video uploaded to YouTube on June 25, an Illinois state police officer asserts that he is above the law before quickly changing his tune once the driver of the truck informs him that he is being filmed.

The truck driver had witnessed the cop speeding while texting on a wet and rainy road and honked his horn due to the officer’s reckless driving.

The officer then decided to pull over the driver for not fearing him enough… I mean… “unlawful use of horn”.

The driver then boldly accuses the cop of speeding and using his phone while the officer maintains that “police officers can actually use technology when they are driving… we’re exempt”.

An argument ensues about whether or not the officer was speeding as the officer declares he will be issuing the driver a ticket for honking.

After being informed that he is being filmed, the officer transforms into the sweetest person in the world and admits, “I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed.”
When the truck driver inquires again about his phone use while driving being legal, the officer admits “No, no its not… I don’t remember having my phone on me.”

The officer then tells the driver that he was pulled over for an inspection and that there were no violations “which should look good for the company.”

The officer eventually lets the driver go without ticket or warning.

This is exactly why you should be filming every interaction you have with the police.

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