Protesters in Murrieta Terrorize Children

Since October, more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained crossing our borders. Thousands of desperate children and families have fled the sexual explotation, murders and extortion from gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

These refugees are exactly that. Refugees. They are fleeing violence, some without even their parents, to escape from the threat of death at home. They get to the “land of the free” and are met with this:

Most of the protestors on the “anti immigration” side seemed fully unaware of this fact. They simply and arrogantly ranted and raved about “Mexicans taking our jobs” and closing our borders.

When I asked one woman what the difference is between a refugee and an immigrant she said “it doesn’t f-ing matter, they will take our jobs! Why don’t you pay for them?! Let them live with you!”.

What about the corporations shipping jobs overseas for the opportunity to create wealth for themselves with cheap labor? Why cant people come here for opportunities? It has to work both ways or none.

Why not deport Wall St. and our banks who have not only screwed the United States, but are *actually* the ones leeching our tax dollars?

Why should an invisible line created by some poiticians dictate where we can and cannot go? If I want to go to the beach at 11pm I should be able to. If I feel like rowing a boat to Australia, why cant I just go?

“Our nation’s refugee laws were created in the aftermath of World War II to ensure that we would never again turn away refugees fleeing death in their home countries,” according to the ACLU. “They require that everyone who legitimately fears persecution must receive a fair opportunity to make their case before an immigration judge, who can decide each case on the facts presented.” reads the ACLU statement on the ugly events in Murrieta.  

“We also wish, though no law requires it, that refugees fleeing truly terrible conditions in their home countries would be greeted with sympathy rather than fear and xenophobia.” they go on to say.

Saturday, I witnessed the most brazen and unbashed racism and cruelty towards others that I have ever seen. I’m truly astounded this still happens in a modern world.

After a chant of “What part of -children- dont you understand?!” the anti immigation protestors responded with a chant of “USA NUMBER 1! USA NUMBER 1!”, and screams of “SPEAK ENGLISH OR GET OUT”.

A bit later, I was at 7-11 getting a snack when I recieved a text from my friend, respected livestreamer Patti Beers to “get over to the other side”. You couldn’t walk there, as police and border control had the protest seperated into groups, but we drove over right away.

I was sitting in the car trying to get my phone to charge a bit when we saw a Border Patrol vehicle followed by multiple cop cars rushing over to the side we were on. Worried, we jumped from the car and started walking towards the protest.

On the way I was almost ran down by an unmarked car with its sirens on so I began to speed up. When I was probably 20 yards from the protest I saw the police flinging a man in a Rage Against The Machine shirt around like a ragdoll.

I started running and filmed the police when I arrived. They told people who were walking to their cars to sit down, but would not answer on if they were detained, or why. One officer, who can be seen in my video, commands another officer to get the ID’s of the people sitting down, then points at me and says “her too!”.

I wasnt even aware of what had happened, let alone involved, yet this bastard wanted my ID because I was filming? Nice try officer, but you cant intimidate me into walking away or turning my camera off.

I later found out that this had all started when someone was assaulted by an anti immigration protestor who had attacked her when she realized she was pro immigration. The arrested are being charged with “lynching” which is the term for de-arresting someone.

We all went up on a hill to figure out our plan and to split off so some could go to the detention center to find out who exactly was arrested and why when an old man reporting for KTLA approached us. He began asking about the arrests, but nobody wanted to speak to their biased station.

He then began demanding to know who ripped an American flag, because that is clearly more important than the police assaults and meaningless arrests that had just taken place. Finally a friend of ours was like “okay, fine, it was me. I ripped the flag. It was artistic expression and protest against the imperial United States” and pretty eloquently explained why she feels our leadership is failing us.

As the reporters walked away the camera man turned back and yelled “If you don’t like the United States policies then LEAVE!” as the old man muttered something equally unprofessional. This is why its best never to speak to mainstream media.

I hear the report didn’t include any of her explanation and reported that we were the agitators. Funny, since every argument and escalated situation I saw was instigated by the opposite side. Even my friends car was covered with piles of dirt on the wind shield when we got back, yet our people were the ones sitting in cages the next morning?

Among the slew of “I’m not racist, but…” signs, and people threatening to attack busses full of women and children, there was a ray of hope, however. One small child (maybe 4 or 5) chalking the words “this is crazy.”. Simple, pure, and true. I’m not even sure which side his parents were on, but maybe our children will have the decency to end this division. We are all just people.


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One thought on “Protesters in Murrieta Terrorize Children

  1. thank you for sharing what is going on first hand. this is a shame on our country we need to do better. the people of this country are better than that. we cannot allow the hate filled fear mongers be our voice.

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